I'm not sure if that's what it's called.. but..

When I double pick a string, and go to move and double pick the string above, or below, I always hit wrong strings while I'm doing it.

I think I need to lower my string height. Like.. have the 6th string highest, and have the 5th string a little lower, and then the 4th string lower than the 5th string ..etc.

Is this how strings are supposed to be? Becuase I think mine are all the same height and it's hard to double pick because of this.

I'm tyring to learn 'Seeing Double At The Triple Rock - NOFX'

I have the speed and everything down, but in the intro you have to double pick, and I keep hitting wrong strings when I got to switch down or up a string. I have this trouble with every song that requires double picking. I also can't do solo's very well because of this.

So, how far away from the fretboard or pickups for whatever is each string supposed to be?

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Speciall II if that matters.

Oh, and which way do you turn the screw on the sattle to lower the string?

Thanks for the help.
Oh okay..

Is there a certain technique or something used to pick like that?
Just do the movement of that specific picking pattern really slow, so you can be aware of the distance. Do it ultra-slow, to understand it, then do it slow as hell, to pratice. Then you can increase the speed and it'll be good in no time.
For those about to rock, I salute you!
Alright, thanks guys.

I'll just keep at it, and gradually pick up the speed.