im planning on buying the behringer 120watt head and the full stack (less than 500$s!) i know behringer isnt the best quality but iv only played a year and itd jsut be for garage practices...maybe a small gig, do you think this is a good buy? are there any other brands that are cheap and better quality?
Behringer cabs are good deals for the money, but go with a different head if you want a stack. Check out the Peavey Valveking or Vox Valvetronix heads. You probably won't need a stack but if you do then check those out.

Otherwise check out a tube combo like a Fender Blues Junior or Fender Deluxe. There are also some Traynor's that people talk a lot about. I am not sure about the prices of those though. You could also get the Valveking or Vox combo versions for pretty cheap too.