I know you have guitars with multiple peice maple/walnut neck but would it be possible to make a neck only out of walnut if you can't find any maple (for both guitars and bass)? And if it is possible are there any specifications about how to finish it and that stuff?

I'm just looking at what woods are available locally if I were to start a project of sorts...
I would have thought it's a little too weak, but I'd wait for some other opinions.
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Off the top of my head I want to say that walnut will work, I know it's not to weak. It's actually stronger the regular maple. I just can't remember the tonal properties of it. I really want to say it sounds a little more bassy then hard maple, but it sounds close, just not as bright. Yeah, it should work just fine for you. It'll just be a little heavy.
I remember someone saying it had a bright tone, i could be wrong.

Its a great wood to work with, smells nice to. I use it alot for bodys and fret boards, never a neck though, you will want a good straight grain quarter sawn if posible and if your worried abouut the stregth of it just trough some carbon rods in each side of the truss rod to stregthen it a bit. As for finishing it i use danish oil but any oil finish would work well, or laquer.
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Hm I've seen some custom warmoths wiht walnut necks, so it shoudl be possible. But I imagine it woudl sound a little dark maybe.