This is a recording my band made at Jewel & Esk Valley College last year in November. Pretty much all the parts are correct apart from the wee riff bit where i got carried away and ended up screwing it up and the drummer was stoned when he was playing so the beat is wrong. Apart from that its all good....oh wait the singer can do punk and he sounds like a strangled cat but we kicked him out and got a new singer...a female one yay!!! before you become to overly critical we are all 15 and this was done after we performed at our first gig (which was better than this actual recording may i add).
Anyway please crit but dont be too harsh!!! hahaha
here is the link:

Thanks for your time
Jonny Toye
Not bad. but you tone is horrble it sounds like a squier 10 watt that i used to have, also when you play the main riff you should use slides cos it sounds more fluid. but you all play well and its all good exept the singer who is too loud and compete ****.
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.