I looked on Harmony Central and there's only one review for the head and it was a good one.

The '05 Fallen Angel 60w head seems to have had some reliability issues. I can't speak personally, I've never even seen one. You may want to check out those reviews also.

Everyone loves the sound though, that's a big plus.
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I've only heard bad things about the build. It being unreliable (as previously stated).

Haven't played one myself, but I've heard its pretty midless. Whether thats true or not...meh go play it and see for yourself.
I guess Im the one to answer lol

well i have it at work.

and its a great amp. Heavy and dark sounding.

use the search bar for my FULL review on it.

oh and i learned that it had a boost feature on it the other day. so it has even MORE gain then i had originally though.
yeah, i haven't heard wonders for the reliability, but it seems like a good amp.
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Weird, I'd never played one, but I asked a guy in my local guitar shop, and he said they were absolutely ****. He said the bass amps are awesome but the guitar ones are poor
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