Ive been playing guitar for about one and a half years now and i feel like i barely know nay whole songs and if anyoen were ever to ask me to play something i would only be able to play a few short licks.
It seems that i never end up finishing songs that i try to learn either because it seems to difficult or it just takes me to long or i just get bored.

Could anyone please give me some tips on learning whole songs and or name me some songs that are fun to play the whole way through.... and it they dont have to be easy ones (I.E. smoke on the water)

haha scotty doesnt know-lustra was fun and really easy to play, actually i just recorded it today
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Okay, here's some advice, grasshopper...

Lo, those many years ago (better part of 4 decades) when I first took up the instrument, I learned my chords. That way, I could buy a songbook that had some tunes I liked and could sing along with the chords and pretty much feel the song since the chords were the background and the singing was the melodic line. Simply learning lead can't give you the same immediate gratification, and really....that's what all you impatient little imps are looking for....immediate gratification.

Chords...learn the majors....A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Learn them in a total of four stylings...major, minor, sharp and flat. If you get confused, Ultimate Guitar has a chord chart to show the fingering. Practice makes perfect. Practice until you can take the pebble from my hand. Build up those calluses...you're gonna need 'em!

Then, decide on a tune you'd like to play. If you're smart, you'll start with the blues, because it's a 3 chord progression. Give each major chord a number (A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on). Blues is a 1-4-5 progression. Blues in A would be A, D and E.

There's a TON of songs using that simple 3-chord progression. Long Tall Sally. Hound Dog. Roll Over Beethoven. Blue Suede Shoes. Creedence has a lot of 3 chord rockers, so does Bob Seger. They're everywhere....

What if you want to start the 1-4-5 in a different key? Like E? Well, just think 1-4-5 with E being 1. Now you have E, A and D.

Welcome to Blues 101.

Let me know when you got that one licked. We'll talk some more. Like being able to play an A chord in 4 different places on the fretboard and barre chords.

Word to the wise...playing lead is great and you'll get the chicks, but I've never met a lead player who sucked at chords. Chords lead to lead, not the other way around. Shredders are a dime a dozen, but a good chordmaster can make you cry!
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