Hello i was just wondering what you guys thought of this amp. i played a simular amp at the local music store and loved it it was a crate but not this one the name excapes me. i am currently using a behringer gx108 firebird amp 15watt. i cant imagin how load 120 watts can get. by the way i been playing for a 8months to a year. so i am not great all all mostly play stuff my teacher teaches me nothing much but would like to be getting into some classic rock and maybe alittle bit of metal...i also love the sound of jazz. let me know what you think..

this also needs to last me a lifetime lol
It won't last you a lifetime, and the crate solid states don't sound great, at all to me.

How much is the one you're looking at? Because you could maybe get a decent amp for that price.
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