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One of my favourite bands to date.

Ya, I deleted the first part of my post.

His scream is good, so are the vocals. Though I must say, it sounds like alot of other guys out there.
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I dig them.
When I saw them live, they were great. They had such stage presence and crap.

I like 'Death to Distraction', as everyone else does. When I first heard it, I glanced at the titled and always thought it was 'Death to Destruction' but then found out it wasn't like weeks later.

haha not my cup of tea. are the "clean" vocals on death to distraction for real!? sounds awful
no i suppose i wouldn't expect the guy with the cro-mags avatar to be into this
cool that you checked it out though, they were doing metalcore with electro influences about 5 years before attack attack came along and bastardized everything. oh and the clean vocals have a slight vocoder on them
I found out about this band after I booked them for a show in MD 3 or 4 years ago. Due to their booking agent being a damn idiot, they didn't end up playing, but I love their music.

Oh, and Vocoder > Autotune.
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Oh, and Vocoder > Autotune.

Did you mean Vocoder =/= Autotune? Because what you said reeeally doesn't make sense.

That's like saying Distortion > Reverb, depending on what you're using it for, either can sound great, but they aren't interchangeable.
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