I've noticed that like, noone in any "bands" these days finger pick. I'm talking about all that emo crap like Fall Out Boy, or even older "punk" stuff like Green Day, the bass players use picks. I play hardcore stuff like old Metallica and GNR along with other stuff, and some of those riffs can be a bitch, and I think pretty much impossible with a pick. But hey I use my fingers and it makes those songs cake most of the time. Do you use a pick, or do you have real talent and use your fingers
I've said this many, many times before.

Anyone who thinks pick players suck needs to hear Justin Chancellor.
Depends, easier stuff a Plec, harder stuff Fingeries....but all GnR tbh can be done with Plecs, all their picking stuff isnt hard at all :p.
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i'm more naturally inclined to use a pick as i started on guitar, but i am trying to learn to use my fingers
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I use both, often in the same song. Also, Paul McCartney used a pick.

Originally picks were used out of necessity, now it's athing of style. Since picks give a more percussive sound without having to slap, bands use that e.g. Punk, Metal and Emo etc. But then again, even Coldplay's bassist uses a pick. Personally it's a matter of preference and playing style, not necessarily ability. You can play simpel root notes with your fingers and play Chilis with a pick (trust me, it can be done - thus both fingers and picks in teh same song).
hardcore stuff like Metallica and GnR.... oh my.

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