Until The End

(Verse 1)
Your parents didn?t know we were goin out
But you cant stop love when we dont make a sound
On the night of Halloween
We snuck out behind the woods
And made out behind the trees
When we gave our last kiss goodbye
You just looked up and cried
Dont leave me here tonight
Your the only thing that truly belongs in my life
I just smiled and said

(1st Chorus)
No I wont go
I wont leave you here alone
I wont leave you here again
Until we both have drowned in our sin
You?ll always stay here in my heart
I wont leave you until death do us part

(Verse 2)
When I turned around
I saw your dad lookin at us with a frown
That?s when our world came burning down
You moved to another town
And at our proms
We were stuck without a crown
A couple of years later
I found you with another man
And I just cried into my hands
But I made a commitment
To never leave you again
So I?ll watch over you and your husband
To make sure nothing happens
Until the end

(2nd Chorus)
I?ll never leave again
Even if you got another man
I wont leave until the end
I told God I?ll never love again
I also prayed that you?ll live happily without sin
Until the end

If you like the song tell me if you dont tell me why and tell me what I can do to fix it plz.