Im 19 years old from middletown, i was looking to get together with some people play a few shows write a couple tunes, nothing extremely serious, just all in good fun...... Influences: Children of Bodom / Inflames / Pearl Jam / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Beatles / 311 ... pretty much a bit of everything..... maybe some hard songs, funky songs, some grungey sounds...... anything that works well.... mainly looking for a metal drummer, but also a bassist...... Spdmetalsymphony@aol.com - or AIM: Spdmetalsymphony... thanks - Kyle
Why couldn't you be a few years younger, I'm 16 and play bass and know where Middletown is. No one on here lives in NJ.
I live in Middletown. Ocean Avenue abouts. I listen to alot of punk. I think Pearl Jam rocks. Willing to play. But i'm fifteen. I hope that doesn't deter you from wanting to consider me. I'm a guitarist but own a bass.
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