1.Rob Thomas-who is my uncle. he didn't do all that well with the Tabitha's Secret stuff but when he performed tired at the concert with Matchbox it sounded a hell of a lot better.i'm glad he got away from that and got into Matchbox. did you all know Rob really wanted to name the band larry?

2.Dallas Smith(Default)- my god this guy has one hell of a set of vocal chords. i don't care whether you like their music or not. this guy can sing.

3.Chris Daughtry- anynone who can sing a band's song and have the band who's song you sung call you and ask u if u want the lead job is a pretty damn good singer in my books. by the way the song was Hemmorage(Fuel).
Anothony kedis- RHCP
Eddie Vedder- Pearl Jam
Cedric - The volta(great harmoneys)
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