Our Odyssey

An unfinished story. A couple who creates their own world or ?odyssey? that takes them away from pain and things that bring them down in life. A world with no troubles, just each other and as the story goes on, the woman is slowly taken away and leaving the man inside, trapped, and slowly consumed in the place that once kept him safe.

What?s this famous death talk
I hear them whisper about
You make me believe
It?s true of what I see

You?ll find a way to keep our imagination real
You?ll never want to say cause that I?ll never feel

Why do you think that all these things are happening to me
Why do you believe that all our thoughts are coming to be

Our Odyssey is now reality
So how can this be that we?re not imagining
We live in a new world lost in suffering
But maybe our minds are not as threatening
You?ve seen what I saw
The killing enough
Will you take it on
Your anesthesia

Wouldn?t you rather want to be in our fantasy
I want to read the end of our story of you and me

Guitar solo