When will my strings lose the tinny sound? I was happy with mine before, until the 9 and 11 snapped (At the same time too... damn you black sabbath and your.. Db-ness)
i once atemted to do a 2.5 step bend and i broke two strings lol, wound low strings have and uber crappy sound first couple days...
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take it this is the first time youve changed strings. They usually lose that tinny sound eventually
Nope, just that the other 2 times I've done it (shh.. I only do it like.. every 6 monthes or so)

but for some reason the sound is more annoying this time (mostly because the other times I switched them just before jamming with people for several hours which sobered them up quick)
yeah, give 'em a few days. and you really should change them more, mayble a little less than once a month.
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what brand are we talking about here?

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