now im half way decent by now but everytime time i have to play a chord like this it just doesnt come out right
I kno that the 3rd string is to be muted but it just doesnt sound right when played, not as in tuning. I dnt kno if there's a certain way to play it or if ur supposed to put a certain amount of preasure down on the muted string or wat. If someone has any tips for playing it that could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
If you fingerpick, just pull the two strings and not the other. The way I'd do that if I was using a pick is put my fingers on the frets and for the g string, put my other finger on there so the note is muted
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thats not a chord. thats an interval. an octave. when ur playing it let the meat of ur pointer touch the third string. and when u strum the two strings ur fretting u should hear a lil click from the string in between that ie muted.
k cause in songs like Green Day's Hitching a ride ur supposed to strum the chord fast repeatedly and it just kept sounding too much like two seperate things
The way I play it is that I use my pointer finger and play the root of it and angle it so its touching the other string (NOT PRESSING DOWN) so it mutes it then my ring finger (second from pinky) to play the octave higher note.