ok, this probably sounds like the most retarded question ever, but I've only just started playing, and actually have no idea about compositional (is that a word?) technique, melodies or general songwrting.
i can fairly easily come up with a little riff or a chord progression, but one of the biggest problems i actually have encountered is making my lyrics 'fit' into what im playing.
For example, whenever i try to sing along to something that im playing, my voice just naturally 'sticks' to that melody. I'm basically having a hard time making my voice a seperate entity from the guitar so they don't both follow the same melody.

It's the biggest problem i have when it comes to writing a song, and it's actually draining my enthusiasm for anything musical
sorry if i've explained this badly, and you have no idea what the hell I'm on about, but if you do, could anyone offer any advice?
are you saying that its hard for you to sing one melody while playing a different melody with your guitar? cause thats hard for me too and ive been playing for like a year and a half ( but i dont really practice it) but im sure if you practice that would come fairly quickly
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