Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or opinions on what order to put ur pedals in. at the moment, i have my peavey bandit 112 amp-> dod multi-effect pedal->digidelay->ts9 tubescreamer->EHX bigmuff->crybaby wah-> fender strat. Ive read that u can setup ur effects anyway you want but i was wondering if there are any orders that help maintain good sound and equal levels from all effects.

thanx in advance
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Well... Personally, I put wahs first, and all distortion last... here's how I'd do it

Guitar---crybaby---multi-effect---delay---tubescreamer---Big Muff---amp

Just experiment... you'll eventually find something you like.
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yeah i do guitar > wah > other stuff > amp

but do both ways and see which you like.
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