hey! ok to start off...i would like a nice friendly thread. this forum is for those of you who write songs and want to share it with people and want to hear feedback. This feedback should be nice...not telling people hoe BAD ther songs are...but what you imparticularly might not lik and something they can do to make it better. if you past a song here it should be yours not someone elses unless they ask you to post it for them and then let us know if it's someone else's piece. if you have a question about a song...say by a famous band, then post it here f you want. and PLEASE DO NOT! take someone else's peice without ask them first and if they say no, DO NOT! take it anyway! please let me know if u post something and find out someone else took it or is being mean to you, send me a PM and i will take care of it. also, in your song let us know what part is the Chorus and which part is the Verse, and the order of the song (i.e. chorus-verse-chorus-verse-guitar solo-chorus...or something lik tha, depending on how the song goes) hope you guys have fun w/ this.
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