Just bought an epiphone black beauty and i want some advice on a set of 3 humbuckers to replace the stock ones.

The kinda music i play is Heavy metal to ska to punk to blues to jazz to funk etc.. so i need something versatile.

preferrably an EMG 81 in the bridge but il take any advice.

Cheers for the time
Quote by giorgio1210
uuh, yea im pretty sure EMG's arent versatile.

They're as versatile as any pickup is. Yes, they do add a lot of gain, but the fact that they're extremely bright and defined makes them pretty good for funk or country, as well as metal.
EMG 60 in neck and middle, there cleans are awesome, but they are still as heavy as can be. (James Hetfields neck pup)
ok take a look at some swinesheads or some bareknuckles. if you want to have an emg 81 sound take a look at the bareknuckle miracle man