for some reason I really like this band. I find their songs very original. I usually REALLY hate this genre (like Fall Out Boy) but for some reason i could listen to Panic! all of the time. Does anybody else feel the same or am I just retarded?
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Wrong forum again.

Try 'pop-punk and emo'

When you put "or am i just retarded" at the end of a question ill give you 3 guesses what 90% of the replies will be.
I tend to like bands like that...

But P!ATD Are truly amazing and origional. I think it's funny how people bash panic! cause they heard one song or so and never gave it a chance because fo the opening lines. Little known to them it's about a book haha. Panic! is far from Emo. for all panic bashers... Pick up the disc and listen to it front to back. The end on almost a modern day classical type song... its real ****in good