ok im looking at getting a new guitar and i really want a mexican fender stratocaster in my collection (i also have a gibson les paul jr. and sg and a jackson dinky js30) but i need a new amp (i got 50 watt amp that my dad used when he used to gig) and i was looking at the marshall DSL50 or DSL100. i really want a strat casue i need something with single coils to do hendrix rhcp audioslave iron maiden but the amp i can modify with pedals. i do not know what to get.
You should get a new amp as that is where the majority of your tone is and you also have two pretty good guitars. Secondly, I think you should get a Marshall TSL 100 over a DSL as the DSL is more for metal while the TSL is a better all around amp.
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hendrix also used a flying v, audioslave and maiden both use humbuckers at the bridge in their strats. go with the amp unless your amp is fine already.
Does it need a little time to warm up? And does it sound better the higher you turn it up? Also tube and valve are the same thing, just in different countries they say one or the other.

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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
yea tube in america valve in england. the best way to tell is check if it has a standby switch.
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what the difference between tube and valve?

there isnt, in england tubes are called valves.
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Get the DSL50 or TSL60. There's absolutely no need for 100 watts of tube power and you can get better cranked tones at lower volumes with the DSL50 and TSL60. Although I don't have much experience with the TSL60, the DSL50 sounds great.
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Sorry to kind of go off-topic here, but I noticed you said you had a Gibson LP Jr. How do you like it? I've been thinking of buying one for a while now. Would you recommend it?

On topic, I'd say go with a new amp. If you aren't happy with your amp's sound now, you aren't going to be happy with it with a new guitar either.
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Get a new amp, that'll shape your sound more.

But if you want the Strat really badly, you could try and find one used, so that you've got money for an amp too (or some money...)
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Not really. The pickups could be replaced but if you get one that plays well theres nothing really to change (unless you're a whammy abuser and could do with some locking tuners).
im happy with my amp its just that it takes a while to get the distortion pedal at the same volume as the amps without the distortion over-powering it. on another topic the lp jr.is ok can get alot of tones out of the singls p-90.(besides they i dont think they make em anymore.and yes i really want a strat