Hey everyone,

Im looking for a new amp for giging with my band, we play everything from Pink Floyd to White Zombie. RIght now i Had an Epi G-400 with gibson SG Standard pickups. I know i want to get a peavey, but im not sure whic model. any suggestions?
sheumack is right. the peavey jsx is a great amp for, well, just about everything.
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Id say either a JSX or a 5150 with a JJ tube replacement kit. Also a price range would help out and we might be able to reccomend you something even better. Anyway, why are you so interested in getting a peavey?
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um yea the JSX really would be excelent
price doesnt really matter, and i know i want a peavey because the amp im playing now is a peavey, and i love the sound. im pretty sure its an envoy 110 but im not sure cuz its at my drummer's house. i got it from a pawn shop a few years ago.