Out Of Contention

Well there's nothing to do but stand aside
I realize I'm out of contention
But that doesn't change the dissapointment inside
And I know I'm in need of attention
I didn't think my lies would look that good
Or that they'd be taken for real
But now I've dug my hole just like I should
And I can't let you know how I feel

I'll fake a smile until you've turned your back
But I feel like my demons are just waiting to attack
I won't let you know that you've hurt me at all
Please don't look back when you hear me fall

I'm slipping back everytime I run forward
I hope that you feel the same way
One day I know things will be like the past
But for now I'll just pretend I'm okay

I stuck my foot up my ass just to hear your praise
But I realize you've got other plans
I can't figure out how to act these days
And I'm sorry I can't abide by your demands
So please just pretend we never met
And that I never had hopes and dreams
I need to remember and I cannot forget
That everything is worse than it seems

So here's to the future, and to you too
I'm wishing there was a shortcut back to you
The end is near for you and me
And I can't bear to say that I'm sorry

The money feels good
And your life you like it well
But surely you'll time will come
As in heaven, as in hell

May The Road Rise With You...