The picture of the black cherry EC-1000 on the ESP website makes the guitar look really dark, like there is a lot of black showing through. I love the way it looks on the website, however I've seen some actual pictures of them on EBAY and they look mostly red and a lot lighter/brighter... possibly from the flash going off? Personally I like the idea of it being a lot darker and more black. Can anyone solve this mystery for me? and maybe someone has some pictures to settle this ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!
it's see thru "black cherry" so it's going to be dark, but probably not as dark as it is on the website.
They are not as dark as they are on the website. They are a lot more brighter red. I own the black one and it is an awesome guitar.
the STBC is a beautiful guitar, i own this exact guitar! it is dark, but it is brighter than the picture. any ESP dealer should have a few on the wall, go check one out.
I wish I could check one out. I have yet to find an ESP dealer in my area. I'm from northern Minnesota and I know there are not any around here and I haven't looked very in in the Twin Cities. I couldn't believe Guitar Center doesn't carry them?!?!