I was wondering if you guys could recomend me some good rock songs to learn the whole way through, i find that i dont take the time to learn enough songs the whole way through... it would be great if the song recomendations could have a good rythem and solo part.

Pretty much any Green Day song for rhythm...almost all of them are easy to learn an remember.
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there is a sticky in the Tab Talk forum called beginner tabs/solos or something like that. It'll have tons for you to mess around with
Scotty Doesnt Know-Lustra. Very Easy
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I don't believe he asked for beginner songs? I would recomend Master of Puppets, it sounds good all the way throught, and without any other instruments! Might be a lil more advanced than your average Green Day song though.

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Does Green Day fall under the category of rock, or is he asking for like classic rock (a la Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc.)?
im asking for more classic rock... and more intermediate stuff .....NO SMOKE ON THE WATER haha