This is a very noobish question.

I am going to rebuild a piece of **** B.C Rich that a few of my friends found in a dumpster. Right now, it is light purple with splatters of yellow/red/green paint all over it. What grit of sandpaper would be best for stripping this paint off of it and getting it ready for a new paint job?
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im not sure of the grit, but all i know is your gonna need a heavy one to get the paint/finish off. and then a very fine one to file it down and make it smooth to apply the new finish on it.
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You can use (from what I know) 220 grit to get a scuff-sand finish. Meaning, most of the paint still stays on the guitar.

You could also use ...60... grit, but I believe that would be in the case of a full-strip. Make it nekkid, you might say.

Also, it's most likely a Bronze Warlock (aka carved P.O.S Agathis body). Just be careful and get semi-decent pickups for it.
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use like 80 to get the paint off, and then like 200 to smooth it out before painting. AND WIPE IT OFF WITH A WET RAG RIGHT BEFORE PAINTING! otherwise, you'll have sawdust underneath the paint, and bad stuff happens.
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220 if your scuff sanding and painting a solid color, paint stripping 60 if your taking it down to the wood.
Yeah, that stuff might work too. But beware with checmical strippers, some of them dont' strip poly. Try and find a stripper that is made of "methylene chloride" that stuff seems to take off everything.