OK, heres the deal we have this religion project, and were supposed to partner up, and share a talent with the class and this is worth 20% of our final mark.Now im barly passing religion as it is with a 54% and i need a good song , that sounds sweet, has 2 guitars and is acceptibal for religion class
So...No death metal?

Eh find some Relient K. Christian Pop music. Pretty crappy if you ask me, but still has at least something to do with religion and has guitars.
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Hell aint a bad place to be
highway to hell
hells bells

thats waht id do...
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Doobie Brothers- Jesus is alright with me.
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i guess just pick out anything as long as it has nothing to do with lucifer and you should be fine.

you could twist some killswitch engage
some of the lyrics
are a little religious..

or you could od what i do..

and do "jesus saves' by slayer
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You could do yahweh by U2, total religious overtone and it can be written for 2 acoustics, or a rhythm/lead.
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and do "jesus saves' by slayer

I was just about to say that. +1
Maiden - Number of the Beast

or a Stryper tune. go go bumblebee powa

man i miss the 80s stage outfits, or did they wear that everywhere they went in public?
yes, number of the beast would be perfect

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ok real answer first then fun answers. Real answer: try some POD and write a second guitar part, or have your friend play the bass! Since they are technically classified as cristian rock, it should work!!

Fun Answers (bands and general): Metallica!! Anything with the word Hell in it (My person favorite would be Cowboys From Hell by Pantera), Anything with any sort of profanity in it (you can go nust with this lol), any Rage Against the Machine, OZZY!!!

Fun Answers (songs): Paradise City- GNR, Cowboys from Hell- Pantera, Born of a Broken Man- Rage Against the Machine, Jermey- Pearl Jam, Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne. Do those and you should do great (jk)

Edit: I'm putting this in for my own protection. Any of the fun answers will fail you. Specific answers like Born of a Broken Man will also probably get you suspended or expelled (Especially Born of a Broken Man because it refers to Jesus as a Rapist).
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disciple is a good rock christian band and my fav would be tourniquit some great GREAt guitar stuff in there. also demon hunter is ok not my fav
Jesus ranch- Tenacious D
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"Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright

Doesn't really have anything to do with religion, but the word "Hallelujah" is there a lot .

As far as religious bands, you could always try Switchfoot or Sanctus Real.
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the toadies - possum kingdom

im sure it says jesus in there somehwhere
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THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH!!! you gotta try it! Only if you like Rock. There first album is Rap Metal, the next two are just rock. Also try third Day, They have great Christian songs. Oh, by the way, religion class sucks! usaully the teachers are athiests, or Morman, Or Bhudists, so whats the point??
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Lincoln Brewster is probably the best guitarist in the CCM scene right now. If you are good enough you could try one of his songs.
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Exactly.... lol
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