The Eels are definately not a common taste of music, does anyone here like them?
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I like Bus Stop Boxer.
And that one song w/ the orchestra stuff...I just can't remember the name right now.
Drop the, The.

Eels are fantastic.
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The Books.
The Eels are just so refreshing, they are totally different to everything else I love. The first time I heard Mr E's Beautiful Blues was mind blowing.
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I have Beautiful Freak, Electro-Shock Blues and Blinking Lights. All very nice albums.

E can be one depressed mother uffer though. I've heard few songs as painfully self-loathing as I'm going to stop pretending that i didn't break your heart.
Some songs I love, some songs are a bit boring, but Eels are definately a good band.
Favourite songs are: Last stop this town, Mr E's beautiful Blues, I need some sleep, and Novocaine for the soul.
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Eels are great. Not "run out and buy every album great", but still really good. My favorite song is probably "Flyswatter" or "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues".
I've heard some songs, I can't remember the names, but I liked them. Not enough to borrow an album, though.
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my friend introduced me to them... i only have the 'beautiful freak' album, an i think its amazing
Mr. E's Beautiful Blues is the perfect song to start your day to. Flower is another favorite, I really like them.
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Yeah i really like eels. One of my favourite bands of all time. I really like the song bad news, its kinda sad but is amazing. Has anyone else heard it?