sorry guys,
1st post and a realy stupid and easy one probably.
Ive been playing guitar for about 4 months now, on and off.
Unfortunately, im in Japan and dont have a chance to learn from a teacher right now so have been trying to make do with internet and my own lack of talent.

A friend asked me to learn this song and it seems quite easy. But my ears still arent good at listening to strum patterns, so i was wondering what the pattern was for the chorus.

I believe the chords are G, D, Cadd9 but im still a bit vague on how many strums for each.

It would be great if someone could help.

Thanks guys
no worries, not a stupid post. i looked that song up one time but i'm at work and don't have my guitar. i'll repost later tonight or tomorrow after i get a chance to play it again and see if i can help. just wanted to let you know!
yeah- cant find the strumming pattern and i cant really hear it very well. it may be easy, im just not used to it
jimtaka never got back to me, but if what im listening to on the song, which i think is the lead guitar, is in fact the strum pattern, it may possibly be 1 strum for each.

I think it goes

G, D, Cadd9, D, G, D, Cadd9... etc.

Ive gotten the rest of the song down now.

Still just think i may be messing up the chorus.

Any help would still be appreciated
oh i completely forgot about this, sorry man!

i don't think it's one strum each... i'll have to repost later when i'm at home though.
if i remember this song i think the g in the chorus has a little strum pattern, but the D and Cadd9 are simply one strum.

that is, if i remember correctly. i dont have the song or my guitar right now though.

*edit*: actually the g might be just two downstrokes.
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ok im uploading a little video i just recorded showing you how i play it... i woke up a little sick this morning so you'll have to excuse me for sniffling and sounding all congested... but anyway i hope this helps. let me know if you get it or not from this:

^^ I clicked on it and it said that they cant find that page.
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me too unfortunately...
thanks for the efforts though!!
looking forward to seeing the video
sorry i forgot to add the file extension when i uploaded it... i changed it now so it should be working. i didn't realize it but the video is like 35 megabytes so i hope you dont have dialup
^-- hmm so when i just tried to stream the video and watch it in media player it only showed like 2 seconds of the video and then played about 25 seconds of the audio and then restarted.... is it working for anybody or is it messed up everywhere? it should be 1:49 long.
ok good to know the video is working... now hopefully the threadstarter can making something of it, hahaha.
just downloading it now.
seems all sweet!!
thanks a lot.
You are a very good man
yeah got it downloaded and i definately understand it more now.

Very good explaination!!

I assume that any kinda "filler" is good?

Im still not that good a strummer, but i added a few fillers last night and it sounded pretty good.

The rest of the song isnt too hard, so it looks like i may actually be able to get 1 whole song down soon

yeah i mean you don't have to add the exact same fills that i played in that video and i probably wouldn't play it the exact same every time. just listen to the song to get a good feel for the rhythm and learn when to change chords. make sure you hit the prominant beats so that the song keeps it's continuity and structure and you'll be good to go.
very nice and educating video
maybe if you are bored sometime, you could upload some other videos of you playing some songs
hahah i mean i'd be happy to if you guys have any other songs that you can't quite get a feel for... this can be the official Jim's Guitar Lessons Thread hahaha