ya i have an eastwood guitar (i have no idea what it is..) and it has a couple of really ****ty pickups on it (there single coil again i dunno wut kind) and iw as wondering if EMG 81, 60 will fit on my guitar? or do all pickups fit on all guitars?

sry i am a nobo with the hardware side of guitars
Theres 2 kinds of pickups, humb(f)uckers and single coils. Humbuckers will simply not fit into single coil slots.
No, EMG 81's and 60's are humbucking pickups, they have 2 coils. You said you guitar had single coils so you should go with somthing like EMG S3's and S4's if you want EMG's
so theres no way to get humbuckers into my single coil slots? damnit looks liek i should jsut buy a new guitar *cough* esp explorer *cough*
Have a look at some Dimarzio virtual vintage pickups there single coil and give a nice rich sound, there noiseless too so you wont get a 50hz buzz or feedback.

for the bridge pickup try putting a hotrail in there as you would want a humbucker sound around that area.

try these hotrails: Dimarzio fasttrackers and Seymour duncan - jeff becks
- Satch is awsome -
you can put HB pickups in but youll have to rout the sucker...and thats only good if it only has 2 pickups or if it has a pick guard...otherwise youll have a big hole in your axe
You could always wirte two single coil pickups out of phase. It sounds very different, but it technically is humbucking....=P