there was something
old, something borrowed
something blue sitting here
in the widowed house
neither here or neither there.
have i been here before?
listed names with numbers
black pages withered thin,
bluish ink and untidy scrawls
where did i begin?
dialed on the telephone
mailed in by god alone
now im lost
have i been here before?
chalkboard scratches in the room.
in this bedroom black
falling out amongst the living gloom.
now im lost in pages
television images lieing on the floor.
could be shadows.
have i been here before?
lucky stars crossed in the middle
beds not made i cant be bothered now.
as dark red stains float in the mirror
damnit it all ive been here before.
yet banging doors prove my innocence.
but damnit all ive come back again.
i shwung and i shwinged
but it never really shwang
Last edited by toobsok at May 10, 2006,
these three lines were my favorite:
"yet banging doors prove my innocence"
"listed names with numbers

I liked the whole idea of telling a story through song, it was mysterious even to the "narrator" with the repition of the line "have i been here before?"
very well done, gj.
The progression of it from "where the hell am I" to the realization that it's just a circle of some sort of whimsical fate is haunting really. I liked it, something a little fresh here for once. Nice work.