I am having a problem, the only string on my guitar that constantly breaks is my G-String. The only other one was a D when I tightened it too much. Is that a problem with all G's or is it something I need to get checked out?
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Is the G only breaking when you're tuning it? Or just in general from playing? Try playing a little lighter or perhaps try lower tunings so the strings aren't as stiff? Or maybe get the string tension adjusted.
The G string is the thinnest string so it's usually the first to break. I assume it's breaking while you're playing, not tuning? This is probably because you're playing too hard. Another factor could be that your neck is warped and is putting too much tension on the string. There are several possibilities.
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I breaks during both. I can try playing softer, but last time it broke simply by tuning it to G.
it may also be the string brand

im a elixer fan
but i cant use them on my taylor becuase the G always snaps after about 5 minuest so after about 35 packs of srings
i switched brands and they work fine...
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OHH yea it also could be

a sharp edge either at the nut or the saddle
get some like 160 grip sand papper and sand light on any sharp points then.... get a number 2 pencile and rub alittle of graphite (or lead) on the part you sanded
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Yeah I use Elixir mediums and play about 2-3hours a day. I play alot of versatile music. so I do alot of odd tunings, my G-string breaks about once a month. Try and tune 1 step at a time. you know? but once it gets to the point where it's going to break the second you LOOSEN it. it's just gone.
Where is it breaking? Is it at the nut/tuning peg or the saddle. A lot of times there is a sharp edge in the tuning peg hole. If you use a small round file you can take care of that problem. If it is breaking at the saddle or anywhere else for that matter other than at the nut or tuning peg it is because you are tightening it too tight. Try using different guage of string. Lighter guage will decrease tension and therefore cut down on breakage.
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Unless the string is snapping in the middle (doubtfull) have it checked out. Take it to a local guitar store and have them take a look at it. I had the same problem witht he bridge on my electric. I broke the D string 3 times in two days. It ended up being a sharp point on the saddle that a quick sanding fixed.
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i'm going to have to agree with the two people above me... i'd need to know where the string is breaking and if it is breaking in the same or close to the same place every time.... but i'd be willing to bet that you have a little abrasive notch or scuff on either your tuning peg, nut, or maybe the saddle that is basically cutting the string in half.