whats the most u would pay to get a les paul with p90 soapbars re-wired?
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Depends on the make. Gibson, probably $1000 but I'm cheap lol Epiphone I wouldn't buy lol. Again, cheap!!
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It also depends on who from. If it's from a good friend, go ahead and buy it, as long as it's in your price range. If it's from someone you dont' know, (especially ebay) I wouldn't risk it. I once bought a bass on ebay, and the electronics were all rewired incorrectly. You never know what you really get.
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$1000 AUD for the epiphone les paul i think its 72 goldtop, with the p90s.. actually on ebay its 782 brand new AUD. I go for epiphones, if you need a $5000 guitar to make you feel good about yourself, its coz your ****. and you know it.