i got it used for $1200 its in excellent condition.

2002 model

fretboard is so smooth with the ebony, very fast neck too. so awesome



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Congratulations. Where did you find it?
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Steve's guitar is as sexy as he is. And he's VERY sexy.

Awesome guitar you got yourself. The inlay's are gorgeous.
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it's true
Its a fake.

No its not, but put it on ebay for 500 ne way.
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound

i hope you come to your senses and get a different guitar
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i always loved the fretboard/neck design/inlays on those, congrats dude. and for only 1200, nice

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i hope you come to your senses and get a different guitar

are you missing a ****ing chromosome? the jem is sexiest thing in the world! i want one