The music store I pretty much live in recently got a bunch of Arbor guitars.

I've never seen the brand before, but they look like nice guitars, they all have set necks and look well built.

Does anyone know if these are good guitars? I always feel better with third party reveiws.

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My ensemble teacher has an arbor guitar, it plays alright. But if you like the guitar then buy it.
never heard of them but i just looked it up and they are made of agathis, not the greatest wood in the world
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Avoid agathis as a body wood. It's basically one small step above plywood.

If you're looking for a new guitar get one that's made of good wood.
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Ok thanks, cause I could pick it up for half the price they usually sell for, but I figured I wouldn't get one anyway because I'm saving to get a crazy B.C. Rich Mockingbird and a new amp.
Don't get B.C. Rich, you can ignore me, but I'm just trying to help. Plus, i think those are made of agathis as well.
I like those Arbor guitars. My friends got a semihollow one. and it plays great!!
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arbors are very nice, i have one of my own and have played many, they r good for their price and they sound good, pickup changed needed tho...
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