I recently bought a used schecter Hotrod '39 from a guitar center (acctually just this after noon) for $250 USD, And being the tight wad i am, I wanted to see how much i saved. Low and behold the very same franchise i bought it from doesnt have a listing, so i google it. Find out its a 39th aniversery guitar and 1 of 2 special schecters Musicans friend and guitar center promoted.

So i ask the people of UG, does anyone know how much they are or were worth?

I just wanna know so i can see if i got a good deal.

Thx in advance

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Shat. I just bought the Damien 6 for $350. I think mine has a few more features (i.e., better pickups, more frets, small things like that), but from the looks of it you got a steal. My Damien 6 looks a lot like that, basically everything except the fretboard is the same (appearance wise). I think you got a good deal. Sweet guitar.
Thx it is indeed a sweet guitar, the pickups are diamond alnico.

I got it cheap cuz the guitar is nicked and scratched (no worries for a cheap bastard).

Nothing really noticable out of normal where and tear.
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
looking at harmony central it looks like they go between $250 - $350
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