I've been into writing my own stuff a lot lately, but I'm dissatisfied with all of it. I'll write a riff and then a couple days later I hate it and I think it sucks horribly. I'm trying to write a song for this talent show thing on June 29th. I had most of a song written but I hate it. Another problem is that I'm writing the guitars, most of the bass lines, and giving a suggestion or two on the drums and I wanted more input from everyone else. Its just all really frustrating. Does anybody else have this problem or have any advice on my writing problems?
For me, just write it down, in tab form or whatever. then get ure buddy to play, but dont tell him u wrote it. see if it sounds good when he plays it....thats what i do. Sometimes they like too and everyone is happy.
The problem with what your suggesting is the other guitar player sucks not trying to be mean or erogant. He admits that he's not that good and its kind of just a band for that talent show because my other band can't be in it. Anyway thanks for the suggestion I'll try it.