Hey, i bought a set of Gibson pickups for my Epiphone LP Custom (57' for the neck, 57' plus for the bridge). I had a question about putting them in. I found a good tutorial on how to do it on the Gibson website, seems easy enough.


Strip back the shield (wire mesh) to reveal the hot lead wire. Strip the end of the wire back 1/8? using your wire stripper or a razor blade. ?Tin? the wire by touching the tip of the soldering iron to the exposed lead and applying a little solder to soak in between the strands. This will make the rest of the installation a lot easier.

What are we looking at in that picture. The end of the wire from the Gibson pickup that i will be installing is the exposed wire surrounded in black plastic covered by a wire mesh. Do i have to strip it back more to find the grounding wire? I don't see that red one or the green/white one.

If someone could just explain to me how to prepare the wire to be soldered that would help a lot, can't figure out which wire is the ground/lead. I know i have to solder a wire to the back of the pot and another to the terminal on the side. Where do i find the other wire?

i installed a SD pickup a while back. Though it was on a strat so in not sure how much different it will be. I put the Twisty(too techy?) wire on the selector switch and the ground on the pot. i did nothing with the third wire and it sounds good...My ground was black so it was fairly obvious. My guess is your ground is the one inside the grey wire but around the red one. Good luck
Yeah with the mesh wire stuff, you unravel it a bit, then twist it together and that is your ground wire.

I cant really explain it.. but what I did was unpick a "line" downwards, then peeled it from around the core cloth wire and twisted together!
Okay, i got them installed just fine. I ended up taking it to ask my guitar teacher, who too was confused, but we figured it out.