ok so i've been playing around two years or so and im starting to wanna get into more alternate picking adn stuff right, well i can play sixteenth notes at 135 bpm just fine but i wanna go faster, after 135 bpm when i change strings i get messed up, and its not consistant and i catch myself using my arm to pick a lot instead of my wrist, so my question really does it matter where you hold your right hand (picking hand) like i see a lot of people that rest their hand like with their pinky below the strings and ive been letting my picking hand rest on the bridge (not palm muting) and i was also wondering if that would help everything in general, or if leaving my hand on the bridge is fine and i jsut need to practice more
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Everyone has their own personal tastes as to what wrist position is most comfortable. It also depends on what you'll be playing. I palm mute a lot, so I always keep my hand near the bridge. If you don't palm mute much, you might be able to play faster if your had floats over the strings. Letting your hand float would help if you tap or use your tremolo bar a lot. But again, it's personal preference.
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there's always a technique you got to have right so you better not just hold your hand just like it suits you, as you see now you're going to get stuck one day

your hand should float above the string and a guideline to hold it right can be to rest that pinky down. i'd recommend that last thing it helps getting the right position.
when you palm mute get your hand down just next to the bridge but you already know that.
clapton rests his hand on the bridge mainly... i heard hes descent. a lot of players rest the pinky or pinky and ring finger on the pickguard for stability and go from there. i myself play mainly w/ my teeth so i cant help u.