I have a short scale bass and a mate of mine who's never played bass but is into guitar says they're bad because the tension is bad or somethign and the string is likely to break or sunds bad. Anyone know what he's on about?
hmmm.... my 32" (3/4) scale bass playes just fine (a lot better than many 34" scale basses that I've tried)

Throw on some thicker strings and you're set! Don't listen to those bastards... ok I'd make a bad 5 string... but for 4 string it works perfectly, for me it's even better and easier to play since I have quite short fingers.
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even tho its hella cheap and what not, i love playing squier broncos, just fun to play around on, i think i might get one of those and get the seymour duncan pickup for it soon since graduation is coming up
looser strings feel nicer. thats the one and only problem i have with warwick, the necks are massive so the strings are really tense and that feels bad
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nonono a short scale has to be buikt right, what kind is it?

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I don't see the point in a short scale bass unless you have really small hands.
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Well, theoreticly, it could make you play faster because the frets are closer, but i have huge hands, and my fingers would get jumbled, so i stick to normal or long scale basses.
Well Stanley Clarke & Stu Hamm used 'em, so they aren't bad or anything.

All you need is the right length strings and you've got fine tension.