Ok my band and I have just started gigging nothing big or anything but I want to seem profesional enough to not mess up anything so I'm going to need pickups for my back up guitar, a Deluxe BCRich Warlock, so that when, because it's just a matter of time before something goes wrong, my RG1570 pops a string or bursts into flame for some odd reason. Now I also traded in my XXX super 40 to buy my 5150 2x12 which should be here in about a week. Now I have Nailbombs in the RG so I know it will be hard to replace that tone but I need something in case the RG melts or whatever. With the 5150's tone I'll be trying to get distortion like that of well Lamb of God would be the closest. I was looking at Dimarzio maybe the X2n in the bridge and a Paf of some kinda in the neck but I've heard the X2n gets muddy and that=bad. Any other suggestions would be great but I'm too drained for anything like BK's and I don't really have the time to wait for a custom wound, IE Bill Lawrence or Swins. Sorry for any spelling/gramatic errors it's 3:30 A.M here and I'm tierd lol
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The guys from Lamb of God are using Seymour Duncan pickups. If you're trying to achieve that type of tone, go to seymourduncan.com and check out the Featured Artists section to find out what kind of setup those guys are using.
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You can get Bill Lawrence in short order. There are several online stores that stock L500s, and you can order right from his site. I received mine in just under a week. You can also find local stores that stock them. They're totally worth it.

Swinesheads have their send out time down to 4 days (says Dave MC) so they're not out of the question.

Other than that you could consider the Tone Zone instead of the X2n and an air norton in the neck.
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hmmm didn't know that I could get swines and/or BL's quickly in that case I seriously will check them out. Thanks again
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