I've been playing for about 2 months now, and I'm still having trouble then I hit a fret that the skin on my finger pushes out enough to touch the string below it, anyone have fat fingers with this trouble? Any way to help reduce this?

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It migh tnot be that you have fat fingers, You just have to learn to bend you ginfer inwards more and above the strings. If your finger tips are soft since you haven't been playing that long it might affect your playing. Once you get a littel more used to bending your fingers out away from your fret board and get some harder finger tips you should be good to go. It only takes practice
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Its just bad finger placement. Take Sir Edwins advice(the tips). I also have fat fingers and I guess it took me a while to get a clean chord down with my fat ass fingers.

Make sure your thumb is under the neck somewhat, and not on the edge or above the fretboard. That will bring your fingers over the strings more, and you'll be able to use the tips of your fingers better.
^^ yeah pretty much everything they said

make sure you have a inward C shape when your holding the frets.
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