here's the craic

i have an avalon silver series, (500ish quid guitar... about $900) and i go busking most saturdays in the city centre. someone alerted me to the fact that this was quite possibly not a wise practice, given that a bad boy might come and steal my guitar and run away.

this in mind, i went round the music shops, playing all the cheap dreadnoughts. i played some truly horrible guitars, particularly the staggs, which looked like the fingerboards had been finished with black poster paint.

then in one shop (which tended only to stock much higher-end guitars, a lot of avalons and loudens in there) i was given this guitar that just said "L" on the headstock. really plain looking, not even a circle drawn round the soundhole. IMO it looks much better than all the nasty plasticy finishing you get on a lot of cheaper acoustics.

anyway, i put some dean markelys on it and it sounds fantastic! only cost 70 quid as well, about 2 days worth of busking!

i was just wondering if anyone has come across these instruments before? they really seem to be a cut above the standard beginner stuff
"Anytime but now
Anywhere but here
Anyone but me
I've got to think about my own life
The world is not our facility
We have a responsibility
To use our abilities to keep this place alive," said ian mackaye