But, you are not famous nor do you have any credibility = lack of draw.
On the other hand, Ian Astbury is the frontman for one of the best, not so mainstream rock bands in the world, The Cult = interest from Cult and Doors fans = lots of money made. Thats what its about to them at this point, making money.

Lets face it, there are 500 singers that could have fronted, lets say Guns and Roses, lyrically, but would they have been as exciting as they were??? Who knows.
I think Ian is doing a great job.
I too think that he is doing a great job and you are so correct in that money is the main issue of anything musical. But....do we settle for "yeah...well...he sounds ok doing Doors material.." or WOW...he sounds JUST LIKE MORRISON...but sadly money is the name of the game. And some of the forums I have read are upsetting saying to the remaining Doors members to NOT record due to not having the vocal presence of Jim......Id like ONLY to quiet those people AND get their music back to the level it was when I heard them live. man....no other show compared to The Doors.
Right on, man. Personally, I think they ought to not play alltogether, but what can I say. And I'm the BIGGEST supporter of Ian. I'm a huge Cult fan and think he should concentrate on bringing out a new album from them.
Im a supporter also....I saw them when they were kicking off the act and he did a standup job and had a good look as well.....yes..he needs to concentrate on Cult material....its tough to do 100% on Cult and Doors alike...you lose a bit on each band when you have to spread your talent around like that. Gotta give them credit for trying though. I would like to see The Doors re-create their mystique from the 60's and that can be tricky without Morrison or anyone for that matter. Im trying though. Thanks for your input.
Yeah, being that Cult and Doors are like Summer and Winter when you talk about inspiration for new material...lol.
Good luck soliciting them, though!!!!

You're not going to find any contact info through this site so its really kind of pointless.
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