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The track is called Ballad.

Yeah so I picked that name just for the attention. This song is an 8-track recording of two guitars. The piano at the start isn't quite as loud as I'd like because my instrument mic didn't pick it up so well and I don't know about recording piano (or even much about playing it, for that matter). There are some volume variance issues in this, so, eh, turn it up.
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as you said, the intro piano is a bit muffled. But's it's a nice little melody to start off with.

Distorted guitars come in, very suddenly (in a good way). Lead in that section is nice, I'm not a huge fan of that tone, a bit too crunchy.

1:07 harmony was great, very well done.

1:16, chugging rhythm was catchy, but I dont know, the lead sounded a bit funny. It may just be me though.

Chord progression sections, it was good that you added those leads to liven it up a bit.

2:20 would sound great with a rhythm section. This is a very cool little breakdown.

The distorted section ends rather abruptly, maybe ease into the clean end a little better.

How are you tuned?

I wouldnt call this hardcore, but I wouldnt really know yet, because it's just guitars. But this really would sound great with full instrumentals and vocals.

Great job, very interesting piece.
Yeah I know my tone may have been a little too fuzzy in parts; I'm stuck using a hybrid amp so I can't always quite get that tight, smooth, all-tube distortion just yet. Thanks very much for the feedback, man. Your song kicked ass!
Cheers, Ro

Oh, and I think it's tuned to Drop Eb, maybe C. Yeah I dont like to label, but I guess I'm aiming at a very progressive form of post hardcore.