Anybody been to this year's NME new music tour so far?

The word "NME" should have made it overhyped ****e but it didn't.

I was there last night, a few decent bands - I was pleasantly surprised with The Long Blondes live, because up until then I hadn't liked them. The Automatic put on a good show too, and Forward Russia are amazing, Second time I've seen them and they put on a great show every time. Class tunes. Boy Kill Boy headlined, but however, bored me. I've got a few of their songs and I liked their recordings, but they're fairly boring live. Anded up going to sit at Glasgow Uni for half an hour and came back for "Suzie" onwards. They played for too long.

So, has anyone else been? Or indeed seen these bands live on other occasions? And what did you all think?
i havent been BUT

the long blondes cant play their instruments. which is funny.

forward russia are good live. but ive only seen them in half empty little rooms, so i cant judge all that well what theyll have been like on this tour

the automatic; lame.

boy kill boy; fucking awful.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
The bird from Long Blondes was the most terrible guitarist ever.

The guy was a bit better.

Forward Russia do rock, and I've went completley off Boy Kill Boy after seeing their show. The automatic were a bit over the top but I quite like them.
I went to the one last year but dont want to go this yeer as the bands all look ****e from what iv heard, especially the automatic they are unbelievably crap
The Automatic piss me off so much. If they just got rid of that stupid screaming prat they'd be half decent.
Boy Kill Boy are dull and don't really seem to be doing a ton.
iForward Russia! are ok but waaaay over-rated.
The Long Blondes, well, they're the Long Blondes aren't they...

I don't mean to be a kill-joy about the tour or saying that it really reflects what the NME is, but its pretty crap. However, there's meant to be an Aussie band on the tour that are really good - so I've heard. I think their name was something like Hanging Bells?
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Aye he's a bit pointless heh but I think they're okay.

He was cool afterwards though, and at least had the decency to come out.

Yeah, Howling Bells are good, but unfortunately are only doing like half the tour, and they didn't do Glasgow. So that was a bit gutting.