What sort of music do you play? Trem or not? Any particular pickup config you're looking for? Any limitation on body style? There are a ton of good guitars (including the C-1) and some idea of what you want would help.
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how much are you willing to pay? If you want really good guitars, i hear PRS make some quality guitars. I've never actually played one though
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ok i play nearly all Metallica songs, rolling stones, black sabbath, AC/DC .....and all that stuff
i own the Schecter and i know its a very hot guitar....i like it very much...but i'm looking for a better one now.

price range: between $1000 and 1500
Alot of people might tell you Gibson. I really like ESP's and LTD's. The Viper is a really cool guitar. I think Jackson also makes some good guitars within that range.
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They're not talking about hardcore punk, they're talking about "hardcore." It has little in common with its roots in the '80s.

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when i ask questions. people reply with a stupid green smiley face sign

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no this guitar is great.....i've played a lot with it
so i just want a new one, wich of course should be a littel better than the old one....got me?
At the quality/price range of the C1 Classic, a better guitar is going to be a matter of preference.
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$1000-$1500, you could get really luck and find a PRS in that range lol. But don't count on it. You've got a little bit of a discrepency in your bands, since one plays with single coils, while the other 3 play with humbuckers. Gibson SG maybe? Or a ESP of some sort. Jacksons are nice too (If your into V and Explorer Shapes)
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Either the RG1570 or Carvin would be great options. I'd consider a Japanese ESP or a US Jackson. You might be able to find a Tom Anderson in that range as well, mmmmm.
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CARVIN DC400. Custom built to your specs $12-1400.

That'd be my choice, I really want a Carvin.
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Definitely go Carvin.

Pick one of these guitars and then choose what modifications you want. Bammo Whammo, we have a winner!
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ok price could be little over $1500....
wow the Carvin dc400w looks kickass!!!
can you recommend any tom anderson, PRSs or jacksons?
PRS for over $1,500... Standard 24 for metal/hard rock, Standard 22 for classic rock/alt rock/cleans. Either one of those would be under $2,000. The difference is the Standard 24 has 2 very high output PRS pickups, whereas the Standard 22 has the Dragon II series, which are a little more vintage, little sweeter. I have a Standard 24 that I switched out the stock pickups for 2 PRS McCartys and I now have the stock pickups from that in a Strat I modded. You can hear those pickups in my dmusic link below.
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Can't say. I know that, being in NY, I've had the opportunity to play my guitar before I bought it, something I wouldn't be able to do with a Carvin.

But PRS redefined the way quality control is thought of in the guitar industry. And they're really good instruments. I happen to love mine. Some people think they're overpriced.
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thanks for all that information, it seems that you know your stuff!!!
what do you think of Jackson and tom anderson?
when i first asked for a good guitar in this forum nearly everyone told me to buy a
Schecter C-1!
so is there a uniform opinion for a guitar better than the Schecter?
I've never played a Jackson or a Tom Anderson. I'm not familiar with Tom Anderson and Jacksons just aren't my style. But when they recommended the C-1, that's a good guitar. Schecters are competitive for the price. I'd personally like to get a C-1 classic or the C-1 acoustic electric one of these days -- after I get/build my Tele and pick up a Rickenbacker 360, of course

BTW, the other thing you can do is look for used equipment. Used guitars are not like used cars -- there are no latent defects. If you know what you're looking for/at, you can get a great deal. You could get a $2,000+ new guitar for right around your price range. This guy I used to work for has 11 Les Pauls, all of which are at least Standards (no Studios or cheaper ones). Most of them he got used and didn't pay over $2,000 for. Try out this guy: www.chrisguitars.com For example, right now he has a PRS Custom 22 available for $1,800 used with a hard case. Body's in near mint condition.
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Or, do you just want another guitar?

comes from the guy with more guitars than God herself.

threadstarter i think that prs feel like schecters, and if u want something a little more different. Maybe just maybe u should be looking at an HSH, some sort of ibanez with a thin neck, single coil, a little lighter weight.

just a suggestion.

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thanks for all that answers!!!
but can someone recommend any gibson or PRSs, which have a very good cost/performance ratio?