Okay my current setup is:

Silvertone strat copy
Marshall MG30DFX
Boss DS-2 turbo distortion pedal
Dunlop Cybaby

I hate my tone atm so I was wondering if the following is a decent enough setup:

Fender American Strat OR Fender Jaguar (HH probs)
Marshall DSL401
Boss DS-2 turbo distortion pedal
Dunlop Crybaby

^Thats probably the setup I'm gonna go for but are there any improvements I could make?

PS: I've only been playing about 2 years, not looking for anything proffessional just yet, just something I can use probably at home AND for gigs.
What sound are you going for?
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I think you really can't ask other people what gear YOU want. It's a question about sound, I think. But to me it looks nice!
Improving the guitar and amp is crucial. But it does depend on what type of sound you're going for. You probably need a light overdrive and heavy distortion. I use the proco rat for my heavy stuff and that works awesome (with the filter all the way up). But it seems as if you're set on the boss, so i would get a boss superoverdrive or ibanez tubescreamer. Now, if you're going for the thick marshall/les paul rock sound (those two usually go together), then i would get a Gibson les Paul instead of a Strat. It all depends on your style and what you want. After all you know what kind of sound you want. Try out different combinations. Thats the only way you will be able to get the exact sound youre going for. So take potential guitars over to the amp and plug them all in and see which one you like best! If you can make the setup unique to you, more power to you!
Yeah I basically play similar stuff to Green Day, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Feeder, QOTSA, that sorta stuff really
screw the ds-2 and upgrade the crybaby to a budda bud wah or a vox

You may want an OD unit for boosting, try the tubescreamer, Boss SD-1, Maxon OD
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