just need some help on how to count the following set of notes, i no its all in one beat but the count for it im lost on so please help

th - 32nd note
s - 16th note
t - triplet

th th th s s s s
|---t---| |--t--|

Ok, first Im going to describe each of these note groupings to you. A triplet is a grouping of 3 notes in one beat, usually. You can have other triplets that cover a span of 2 beats or a half or a beat, but thats not the point. Eighth note triplets cover one beat, and thats what Ill use to explain.

16th notes are 1/4th of a beat, so 4 of these make 1 beat.

A single 32nd note is half of a 16th note, so 2 32nd notes are played in the same timespan that 1 16th note is played, which is like how 2 quarter notes are the same as 1 half note.

Triplets can be counted as trip-l-et, or 1-trip-let 2-trip-let etc., depending on your preference and how many you have to count in a row. To get the feel of this, get a metronome and try to get 3 evenly spaced notes per beat. These are triplets.

16th notes are 4 evenly spaced notes in one beat. 32nds are 8 notes in a beat.

Are you saying that you have 3 32nds, then 4 16ths, then 2 triplets? Are they quarter note triplets? Eighth note triplets? What time signature is the song in, do you know??
ok, i know how to count normal notes, but the 32nds are under a tripelet, and the last 3 16th notes are under a tripelet, the song is lenny by srv and its in 4/4 time
So its 32nd note triplets and a 16th followed by 16th note triplet. Ive never seen that before, and Im not sure how to count it. Actually, now that Ive thought about it, the 32nd note triplet would be the equivalent of one 16th note, then another 16th note, which is the first half of the beat. The other half is the 16th note triplet, which is a triplet over half a beat.

Edit:For future reference, the notes are not under triplets. It is those kinds of notes grouped as triplets. It will avoid confusion of the people explaining things to you when you ask them if you word the stuff correctly.