Hi! I wanted to know about the wah and expression pedal functions on this multi-effects pedal, the Zoom 606 [Yeah I know it's Zoom, no need to point it out ]
Will it allow me to use the wah effect in tandem with the expression pedal, just like a real wah pedal? i.e. put my foot on the exp. pedal and use it to change the angle the pedal makes with the base of the unit, and get a modulating sound. Right? Will I be able to leave it in a position, the sound of which I like? It won't be just a constant Wah effect that starts and stops when you hit a switch [auto-wah, I think that's called]? Will I also be able to use it without any other effects interfering with the sound? By the way, I'm going to be daisy-chaining it with a distortion stompbox, because I hate digital distortion.
Would really appreciate it if someone who has used one of these, or any multi-effects unit like it, could try and reply.

Shaafi Shaikh
i got this one, the wahs pretty weak, it has auto wah and normal footpedal wah
yes, but not very well. i sold it personally...it's all very digital sounding and tinny. but that was with a 10watt amp, so maybe you'll get better results i dunno.
I had one. The wah sucks bigtime. Just buy a regular wah, you'll regret the zoom if you get it.
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I had/have but don't use a Zoom 606, the wah was pretty good for beginning with effects etc.
But my pedal just started to break on me, maybe you could look for a more sterdy, reliable pedal.
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Thanks people
Nothing would please me more than getting a real Wah pedal, but where I live, the market is really small and I could only get cheap knock offs.

So I can use it like a manual Wah, but it wouldn't sound very good and wouldn't be very long lasting.

Anyone else? There's somemixed reviews about this unit around.
Shaafi Shaikh
Do you want a multi-FX, or just a wah?
Because you could just order a real Wah online if there's none near to you.
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Just a Wah! I don't like menus and banks and patches at all.
I've considered ordering, but would anyone deliver to Karachi, Pakistan? And what would the shipping cost be? I don't know about a pedal, but a friend started to order a guitar, but didn't when he saw that shipping cost was more than the price of the axe itself.
Shaafi Shaikh
Hmm, check around on some websites, they might deliver there.
Are there no shops (or online shops) that sell them in Pakistan?
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Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Yeah I'll do that. I'll contact a few sites and ask if they'll send to Pakistan.
We don't have any online stores based here, and the 20 or so shops we have on the ground don't have a lot of variety. Lots of knock offs and Korean/Chinese brands. Just V-amps, Digitech multieffects and Zooms. Only have official licenced distributors of Yamaha and Ibanez. Quite a sad scene, because most big music companies don't see us as much of a market.
Shaafi Shaikh
Contacted zzounds.com. They don't ship to Karachi. Nor do Musiciansfriend. Waiting foo replies from a few more sites. *sigh*
Shaafi Shaikh
The Ibanez Weeping Demon wah is pretty awesome, very versatile. Hopefully the Ibanez dealers near you have got them.
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Thanks for the suggestion. Last time I checked, they didn't have any Wah pedals, but I'll check again as soon as I can.
Shaafi Shaikh